Salmon is one of the most preferred and consumed seafood throughout the world. People love to see a properly cooked Salmon on their plates. It might seem an easy task to cook Salmon perfectly, but it is way harder actually to cook Salmon than other fishes. One can commit a minimal scope of mistakes while cooking Salmon, or the meat will turn out to be the worst seafood you could ever taste. 

Therefore, if you don’t want such an experience and want to enjoy the best of Salmon on your dinner plates, here is a list of mistakes that you should avoid while cooking Salmon.

Never play up with the skin

People don’t realize that the skin of the fish has a massive role in cooking it properly. If you are among those who remove the skin before cooking, you can never have the perfect Salmon, and you are also missing the taste of perfectly cooked salmon skin. Try using the skin to avoid the fish from getting dry. Don’t try cooking it at very high heat. Cooking the Salmon skin side down helps to retain the moisture required.

Pin Bones

Pin bones are basically the main hurdle between cooking a delicious piece of Salmon and destroying the meat. Pin bones can be a huge factor you need to take care of before putting the meat on your pan. The bones can become a massive trouble in cooking the meat evenly. If you didn’t get the bones removed, then grab a pair of tweezers and start plucking them out of the fish. We suggest never using the fish with Pin bones.

Choose your cooking utensils correctly

If you still think that Salmon is like the other fishes and you can fry it in a standard cooking pan, then it is going to be a very hectic task for you to get the perfect cook it requires. Salmon easily sticks to pans, so you will have to make sure that you are using high quality, non-stick pan. We are not saying that cooking Salmon on a normal stainless steel pan is impossible, but there is a high chance that a considerable part of the fish will stick on the pan after cooking. We suggest cooking in a non-stick pan. 

image : istock

Reheating must be avoided

Now, this is not something that happens just with Salmon. All the other fishes lose their flavours and original taste if they are reheated in a microwave or over a gas stove. You don’t have to put any effort into cooking Salmon. If you want to eat the leftover Salmon, then the best way is to take it out at room temperature and consume it in a sandwich or salad. Reheating will take away all the flavours further; all the hard work you did while cooking the fish goes in vain.


To be a good cook, you must learn to know the limit up to which a food can be cooked. One minute of extra heating the Salmon would make this fish so gross to taste that you cannot even think to feed it to your cat. Also, remember that you never want to taste partially cooked Salmon flesh, so it is all about the experience that can perfectly help you cook the fish. The best way to cook the fish will be by using a medium-high flame and cooking on one side for approximately five to seven minutes until you feel the skin getting crispy. Turn the fish and repeat the same process to get perfectly cooked Salmon.


We tried to list some of the most common mistakes people commit while dealing with Salmon in a cooking pan. Try avoiding all these mistakes, and you can have one of the best experiences eating Salmon.