Detoxing is a word that everyone must have heard. It has become like a trend, and whenever people feel they are bloated or gaining weight, they start doing the so-called Detoxing. Whereas it is undeniable that detoxing helps your body, but it cannot be overlooked that your body is well capable of detoxing on its own. But that does not mean you cannot help and support your body and improve its natural detoxification system.

How do you detox your body?

Before we jump into natural detoxification details, let us look at what detoxing in a general sense means. Detoxing is nothing but fasting for short intervals of time, eliminating toxins from your body. Now, these toxins might have accumulated over a short time, like days or weeks, or in some cases years too. After you have fasted, you must indulge in a diet that only includes vegetables, fruits, fruit juice, and most importantly, water. Along with the diet, exercising is a must, albeit light. Everybody can benefit from a detox diet, and once you are on the other side, you will feel like you have renewed yourself and feel much more healthy and fresh.

Ways to detox your body naturally

Now that we have learned what exactly detoxing means, let us now understand how you can naturally detox your body to feel and to be more rejuvenated:

1.   Reducing Sugar Consumption

It is a well-known fact that eating carbohydrate or fat-rich food will increase your weight. Although that is true, nobody seems to care about that more than carbohydrates or fat; sugar consumption is awful for your body. Apart from the fact that it contributes towards making you bulkier but also at the same time, by consuming more sugar, you force your pancreas to produce more insulin. As a result of which you put more strain on your pancreas, which is not good. Hence you must either reduce or completely stop the consumption of sugar while on a detox diet.

2.   Increasing water intake

There cannot be any detoxification without mentioning water in it. Water may just look like a tasteless, odorless liquid, but it has many health benefits. The more water you have, the more toxins will be flushed from your body. It is also beneficial to add a bit of lemon juice to it, along with normal water. Lemon juice helps in improving your digestion as well as flushing toxins from your body.

3.   Exercise

Exercising regularly is essential when it comes to leading a healthy life. When you exercise regularly, you are not only improving your fitness levels but at the same time improving your blood circulation. Having better blood circulation means your digestive system is improved; your stress levels are low, your bowel movement is better, and so on. Exercising regularly has many health benefits and is a must when it comes to detoxing. Since it helps increase your metabolism, your toxins are flushed much faster. You have a better healthy body than people who do not exercise.

4.   Green Tea

Tea is essential when it comes to detoxification. Among tea, green tea is found to have a lot of health benefits. Green tea is rich in antioxidants, which help stop the damage oxidants to the cells of our body. These oxidants are actually free radicals found in our environment and are also produced in our bodies. Apart from this, the antioxidant in green tea helps detox your body by getting rid of toxins. Also, the antioxidant helps in keeping you full so that you don’t eat food. You must definitely avoid coffee during detoxification because caffeine is not good while you are detoxing your body. Although the caffeine present in green tea is very mild and not harmful to your body.

5.   Meditation

Meditation is another important thing you must do while you are on a detox diet. After meditating, you will feel fresh, energetic, and relaxed. Since meditating involves deep breathing, it helps in flushing out toxins from your body. While meditating is essential, there is nothing better than that if you can include steam baths or saunas. Having a steam bath will clear your nostrils and your nasal passage, helping you breathe better.

6.   Sleep

Exercising is vital for your body while detoxing, but the inverse rest is also equally important. You must get 7-8 hours of sleep every day. Sleep helps your body and brain rest so that it can get energized for the next day.

7.   Fruits, Vegetables, and organic food

You must stay away from food with pesticides and chemicals while you are on a detoxing diet. You must go for organic food. Organic food is always preferred because it contains toxins. Having fewer toxins in your body is the whole point of detoxification. Apart from organic food, have fruits and vegetables because they are rich in nutrients that help in detoxing like minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, etc.

8.   Fiber-rich food

Unlike other nutrients, fiber must have a special mention because it is imperative in the detoxification process. Fiber-rich food helps in improving your digestive system. If stool keeps on sitting in your colon, the toxins will soon be reabsorbed inside your body, which is not ideal.

9.   Fasting

Lastly, it would be best if you fast sometimes. Researchers have shown that fasting has many health benefits. You can do something like Intermittent fasting, in which you must fast for a minimum of 12 hours a day. Other than that, you can do a liquid diet or fruit diet a few days a month. Fasting helps in getting rid of toxins from your body.


As we can see from this article, detoxing is very important for your body. Although your body does it automatically, giving it the help it desperately needs will only make you feel better and healthier. So what are you waiting for? Get up on the detoxification wagon and join millions of people on a journey towards living a better life!