All Shopping Nightmares Can Be Bid Goodbye With The Help Of The Secrets Shirt By An Ex-Sales Assistant.

The 20-year-old, Georgia Ponton, from Kettering, in Northamptonshire, had been working in Primark since July 2017. After leaving her job, she is now spilling all the secrets that can be a lifesaver on your next shopping trip to any of the retail giant’s Stores.

Georgia uses her knowledge to gather working for so long on the weekends to make the shopper’s experience much better. She is also sharing her experience working there.

She has come up with brilliant hacks like tracking down popular items that always have show the dreadful ‘sold out’ sign. She is also teaching people how to find out which products will go on sale at Christmas.

She is hoping her viewers will save up on quite a few bucks this coming holiday season.

She also revealed that store workers are aware that shoppers often sneak away products in strange locations whenever something new gets released. They do this because they know that such items will quickly get sold out, and they will lose out that chance of purchasing them.

Such items that are quick to run out of popular sizes are stashed away as they hope that they will come back to get it later.

“Sometimes, people are undecided about a piece of clothing and will hide it in case they want to come back and get it.”

However, she mentions that most people cannot recall where they had stashed it, so there is always a chance for you to snatch it for yourself.

“They almost always forget about it, but sometimes if you check right at the back of the rails that are still quite full, some people hide stuff there.”

She instructs what customers should start with the corners as well as the lower tracks. The most popular hiding place is the winterwear section. Georgia confirms that the most popular sizes, 8, 10, and 12, will not be available once they are gone.

“And in corners of the store. Since many people glance over areas that are in front of them, the corners of the store are sometimes the most forgotten about.”

“There was one particular corner in the pyjama section, on the lowest rack, where people would hide stuff.”

She even confesses to partake in some of these activities herself. Whenever she came across something that she wanted to buy during break time, she would stash it away. Her hiding place was also the corners.

Later she would come back during her break time and collect it to get it for herself. Georgia is pretty sure that the managers were fully aware of this situation.

The ex-employee says that it was quite challenging for her to save money. There is always this temptation to spend all the money in there as she was surrounded by beautiful clothes all the time and was one of the first few to see the items as they hit the shelves the first time.

Another tip that she has for shoppers is to converse with the staff member. The staff members will have prior knowledge about sale days. This is because the staff members must be prepared before any big-day like Boxing Day sale or New Year’s sale.

For their preparation, the staff members are generally handed a piece of paper with all the items on sale. The customers can easily ask the staff members if any particular item of their choice will be up for grabs during the sale period.

“It’s well-known that customers can often bag a bargain between Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve. So if you have your eye on a particular item, ask Primark staff if it is going up for sale after Christmas, as they know this in advance,” advised Georgia

She warns the customers that any attempt to cheat the system with a discount will fail. Therefore, if you want genuinely like something and feel that it may go out of season, they can easily ask the manager’s supervisor about it.

“If it’s going on sale soon, and they should be able to tell you, then you can decide whether to buy it then or come back.”

Changing labels or screaming at staff members for bargains is not the way to go. Being friendly with staff members and requesting help will help customers get the discounts they want.