Losing weight can be a tedious and strenuous process, they say. The moment we think of losing weight, we think of intense gyming and physical exercises which tend to tire our entire body out. However, this article will bust this myth and provide you with some friendly tips to help you lose weight without having you undergo heavy dieting and hardcore workout.

It is unnecessary that you have to hit the gym or get into a strict diet every time you think of shedding a few kilos. All it requires is a change in some of the basic habits that we have. If you follow the tips given below, you will undoubtedly see a transformation in your body without having yourself sprained your arm while working out!

Fasting And Hydrating

More than dedicating yourself and your time to doing crunches and planks, bring about a change in your eating lifestyle. You could try out intermittent fasting, in case you can’t leave out on your calorie intake. In intermittent fasting, you can have bigger meals at an 8 hours window gap after fasting for, say, 15-16 hours. This helps you curb your hunger pangs, which push you towards eating more and more.

Hydrating your body is equally as important as eating the right food when it comes to losing weight. Be it the scorching heat during summers or the snow drench winters, your intake of water and fluids should not reduce. Keeping yourself hydrated improves your skin as well as your overall health condition. Moreover, if you keep drinking your water regularly, you tend to feel less hungry and become satisfied with lesser food portions.


It is a very wrong idea that is held on to by many that the only way to help lose weight is by doing rigorous exercises in a gym with blaring music. As a result, people rely on machines more than on their bodies.

It has been proved that brisk walking helps you lose more weight than working out vigorously. After walking religiously for two weeks, you see the results far more than what you will find after working out regularly for two weeks. Even if you do not want to go for brisk walking, you could always increase the number of steps you take in a day. Just plug in your earphones, play your favorite Weekend song and enjoy a walk within nature.

It is always better to work out or go for long walks amidst nature, rather than planks and crunches within an enclosed area with blaring music. The nature and greenness around you have a positive effect on your mind and body. It will give you peace and a fresh mind too.

Always Enjoy Your Exercises

We all know it is a tendency on all our parts to follow any YouTube Tutorial just like the Bible, but that’s where we do it wrong. When it comes to exercises, you need to understand that those who perform those exercises and make tutorials on YouTube are professionals who have dedicated themselves to this for a long time. Do not follow all the YouTube tutorials you see guiding you on losing weight by doing each exercise. Everyone’s body constituency is different, and not everyone’s body is made for doing all the activities. Sometimes, when you end up doing those hardcore exercises in the very first instance, you can end up with horrible body pain, which can last up to a week, if not more.

It would be best only to do those exercises you enjoy doing, be it spot jogging or crunches. The sole intention behind doing these exercises should be about losing weight and loving the process of losing weight with the help of exercises. Do not be hard on yourself and your body because you will end up hurting it.

Play some good workout music on your speakers, and do those exercises that you enjoy doing, because as long as you don’t enjoy the process, you will not be able to see its outcome. There is no hard and fast rule that you have to follow one strict workout routine, and you could sometimes mix up your training, as long as it caters to your body needs.

Find Out Some Tasty Weight Losing Food

You don’t have to sacrifice your food intake to lose weight. If you enjoy eating, do not hold yourself back as you can lose weight even by eating food. Whenever you feel like snacking, you could drink some tasty chicken soup instead of picking up a packet of oily chips. This not only fills your tummy but is also an excellent way to lose weight. During breakfast, eat some eggs, give your proteins, and try to have a light dinner with some tummy-filling salads.

If you like having sweets, cookies, muffins, and related items, you do not have to bid farewell. You can always reduce your sugar intake while still enjoying these items. Promise and treat yourself to either of these once or twice a month.

To Sum It Up

See, we told you that you do not have to commit yourself to two hours of heavy work out or say your last goodbye to your food items to lose weight and have that slim waist. All you need to do is become healthy when eating, hydrating, and keeping your body fit.

Lastly, we want to conclude by saying that you don’t have to be hard on yourself and starve yourself to death to achieve that slim waist and perfect body shape because there exists none. For the longest time, society has dictated to us what is beautiful and which body isn’t. It is time to ditch and defy those typical stereotypes and notions of society and love your body the way it is. Let not society tell you to lose, but your conscience tells you to do it because you will only enjoy doing it.