The question isn’t about who is making New Year’s resolutions but who all can stick to these resolutions. Making resolutions at the beginning of the year is easy, but sticking to them and living up to them, is hard.

But it isn’t a hard job for those committed to bringing about changes in their lives. Many must have made the 2021 New Year resolution of losing weight, quitting smokes, becoming vegans, etc.

By 2021, people plan to get back to their lives on track and have started making resolutions to focus on themselves and their families. 2020 has wreaked havoc on all our lives and has made us realize two things. Firstly, “health is wealth” in the true sense, and secondly, nothing comes above our families.

So let us catch a glimpse of what could be your 2021 resolution and see how you can live up to it! Do not worry, and we aren’t going to judge you if you have a cheat day in between!

Take Baby Steps in Losing Weight

To get into the flow of exercises and diets, you have to start slowly, given that your body has been on rest for such a long time. It is time to warm up your body and get it prepared. You could start with 30 minutes of basic exercises to strengthen your muscles and joints and get your body moving.

Remember not to overdo anything as it will only be detrimental for your body and result in excruciating pain. You have only to prepare your body to get into the fitness regime by taking these baby steps.

Once you are on the move, it is time to take few more steps, such as cutting down on your calorie intake, drinking more and more water, doing intermittent fasting, getting yourself enrolled in a fitness program, starting a keto diet, and more.

While doing all this, let us remember not to allow our resolutions to get ahead of us. After all our life that we are living, and while it is excellent to stick to your resolution of losing weight, do not overdo anything. It will end up harming your body and mental health more than doing any good to it.

It is completely alright if you want to pick up a pizza slice today and indulge in some cheat meals because you live your life after all. Do not be hard on yourself and your body.

Focusing on Our Mental Health

2020 has given us enough evidence to show how important our mental health and well-being is. From school-going teenagers to our old grandparents and parents, all have been hit with a detrimental effect on their mental health.

Data and statistics will prove how mental health has gone to ruins because of the wreck caused by 2020. Be it losing our jobs, losing our near and dear ones, or facing the backlash of living alone, we have all gone through tough times.

Suppose you have contemplated and procrastinated about approaching a counselor. In that case, it is finally time to get your plan into action. In 2021, it is time for you to focus on your mental health and well-being and not delay it further.

If you don’t have sound mental health, then it isn’t easy to live your life the way it is, commit yourself to work, maintain your relationships, and more. Sound mental health guarantees a sound body.

So, talk to your friends and try to get some contacts from well-known counselors and psychiatrists who can help you and listen to you. This year, let all of us commit ourselves to a healthy mind.

Turning a Vegan

2020 was all the year where we binged watched documentaries on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Many of us ended up getting more educated from it. If you are one of those who have contemplated leaving meat and have been highly inspired to do so after watching these documentaries, then 2021 is your year.

Leaving meat is quite a difficult task if you are a hardcore non-vegetarian. But if seeing the butchering of innocent animals has changed your heart, then that’s the first step to becoming a vegetarian.

We are no expert in telling you that you SHOULD leave meat, but we ask you to stick to your resolution and give up on meat if you have decided to do so. You can replace your chicken and beef with so many delicious fruits and vegetables and become healthier due to it.

Quitting Smokes and Alcohol

We won’t be very wrong if we say that 2020 pushed us to pick up many such toxic and unhealthy habits or furthered it to build the courage and strength to fight this pandemic and the looming stress.

What people forgot while resorting to such unhealthy habits is that further ruins our life and lifestyle. Suppose you are one of those who have been smoking for a long time or has been drinking alcohol regularly. In that case, there is a high chance that it might have increased further in the last year, given the situation we were all in.

Pick up this year, 2021, to come out of this habit for your good. If it is required to approach a rehabilitation center, then be it so but do not let alcohol or drugs ruin your life and the lives of your near and dears ones.

Smoking isn’t an effortless task, and we are all aware of it. Still, if you take baby steps and commit yourself to a healthy habit of quitting it, then absolutely nothing can stop you. You will always have the support of your friends and family in helping you tide over this.


There are so many plans that all of us come with and enter into a new year, but we cannot fulfill them by the end of it. So pick up the foundation stone today and make a difference in 2021. Let 2021 be your year to shine and bring a change!