Our beloved America’s got talent judge, Mr. Simon Cowell, is about to get a whole lot more irritated.

His well-known cost expression will become bitterer as he takes a much longer time to heal than expected. The 61-year-old is taking high strength medication to help ease the tremendous pain he is in. He has also appointed a full-time nurse to help him recover.

His unfortunate electric bike accident injury is proving to be much graver than he had previously expected. The three broken bones in his back due to an accident last summer have left him in this terrible condition.

Despite the good news that fans were hearing, things are taken a turn for the worse. Back in August only, his long term co-star and close friend Howie Mandel reported that Simon was “doing spectacularly well, considering” his intensive surgery and the scale of the accident.

There is also new speculation going around that Simon will be out of commission for another six months more due to him being in incredible pain.

Therefore, Cowell cannot even return to the United Kingdom until springtime of next year. Thus, longtime viewers of America’s got talent will also not be able to hear his voice on the final of America’s got talent.

Simon is taking the time to get over these “rough few weeks,” as proclaimed by a close friend, by walking in his garden to improve his mood and also doing pool exercises to help his mobility.

“He’s on the mend and trying to be patient, which is not something that comes naturally to him,” said Cowell’s friend.

He currently has to wear a special back brace and is presently undergoing extensive physiotherapy to help him get back on his two feet.

“Simon’s a fighter and fairly gung-ho. Naturally, he thought he’d be out of action for a few weeks and then, if not doing iron man contests, at least be back on the showbiz circuit.”

“Instead, he’s had a setback from surgery to fuse two vertebrae, and it has proven more complicated than a standard break.”

His girlfriend, Lauren Silverman, and year-old son Eric are trying to keep his spirits high as he is recovering at his Malibu home.

Girlfriend Lauren Silverman and son Eric, six, are keeping up his spirits as he recovers at his home in Malibu, California.

The Sun had first reported about his accident and surgery in August.

“Some good advice, if you buy an electric trail bike, read the manual before you ride it for the first time. I’ve broken part of my back. Thanks for all your kind messages,” said Simon back then.

The public eyes had not seen his face since August 24th when he was last seen. He was pictured sitting at the back seat of his Rolls-Royce.

Simon, his team, and his beloved fans had hoped that he would food recover well before the finale. However, the current situation has thrown that plan out of the window.

Another source has said, “Simon is joking and in decent spirits.”

“But he’s also quite vain, and the idea of going on national TV with no studio make-up, and while on heavy-duty medication, didn’t appeal. So, unfortunately, he had to decline producers’ requests.”

Simon is a well-known vegetarian; however, he had to ditch his diet in a bid to build back his strength fast. He keeps in contact with the outside world via an iPad as he does not have any phone. Hopefully, his effort to heal will be fruitful, and he will bounce back in the next six months.

The waters are murky at AGT as well. The whole production got rocked with the news of a production worker who was tested positive for covid-19.

“All the judges, senior execs, and crew were told, but there were no super-spreader concerns as he hadn’t been down to the set.” confirmed an insider. The production worker immediately started self-isolation when he began to feel ill on Monday itself.

“No chances were taken, and the need for social distancing was reinforced, and everyone was reminded of the importance of no hugging or showbiz air kisses.”