Potatoes are by far one of the most versatile food items which are readily available in every household. However, there is a common notion about potatoes, and people think they are easy to be cooked. Cooking potatoes is, in fact simple, however, at that point, it is likewise similarly as simple to wreck it if you don’t have the pertinent information. Did you realize that a ricer is the best device to mash when planning pureed potatoes or that cooking potatoes at a full bubble aren’t right? If you love potatoes, sweet or something else, at that point, these tips are for you.

Potatoes are probably the most delicious and versatile foodstuff in the kitchen. They are sound food decisions, require little preparation for being cooked deliciously, and combined with practically any dish dependent on individual inclination.

However, you can get several things wrong while cooking potatoes if you do not pay enough attention. As such, it is advisable to keep an eye for detail and make sure the dish you are preparing tastes delightful. Peruse along for some basic slip-ups you might be making while at the same time cooking potatoes and what to do.

1. You are not selective enough when it comes to potatoes

Potatoes come in numerous assortments, and you should pick the correct one for each formula. There are all sorts of potatoes in the market, but each type is meant to serve different purposes. As such, you are highly encouraged to purchase and cook the right potatoes for the appropriate dish.

Chestnut potatoes are an ideal fit for most plans. Then again, red potato and Yukon Gold potatoes are exceptionally waxy and boring, so they require appropriate cooking.

2. Properly seasoning the potatoes is very crucial

Experts exhort, preparing the water used to cook potatoes. This won’t just make the potatoes delectable, yet it additionally permits them to bubble at a more sultry temperature, and this way cooks the potatoes’ starch all the more altogether.

The flavouring isn’t restricted to salt, so don’t hesitate to explore different avenues regarding your favourite flavours.

3. Cooking potatoes to a full boil is a vital mistake

If you are accustomed to cooking your potatoes to a full boil, you’ll be cutting into a crude centre a while later. Boiling potatoes at a full heat will make the cooking cycle quick, so the outside gets overcooked while the middle stays crude.

For legitimate cooking, let the potatoes, cut or whole, stew in a pot of water for around 15 minutes. The entire cooking time relies upon the size of the potatoes.

4. Never overcook or overheat mashed potatoes

For the ideal surface, cook your pureed potatoes gradually and on low warmth. Cooking them at full heat makes them watery and loose in texture.

Additionally, utilize a ricer to pound the potatoes, never a masher — except if you need large pieces of repulsive potatoes.

5. You are not heating the other ingredients effectively

While your potatoes cook, heat fixings like cream, spread, or sauces you intend to add to them. This keeps the potatoes hot and prepared for you to eat right away. If the other ingredients in the recipe are not well-cooked, like the potatoes, you will end up having a mediocre dish.

6. Potato fries should never be cooked raw

For the ideal surface — firm outside and delicate inside — heat the potatoes before putting them on the stove. Throw in flavours into the water, add the potatoes, and at that point, let them cook.

Allow them to cool, add more flavours, at that point, let them fresh on the stove.

7. Making sweet potatoes too sweet is a grave mistake

The primary flavours for yams are walnuts, brown sugar, and marshmallow. These are not good for this assortment of potatoes since they are now sweet. The different blends will add additional calories and fat when added, making the meal too sweet to enjoy.

8. Do not bake your potatoes at a lower temperature

We have the most recent proposals to prepare at 425 degrees F for one hour if utilizing a conventional broiler. You can bring down the temp to 400 degrees F for 30 minutes in a convection stove, which cooks somewhat more equally and reliably. Numerous plans call for 375 degrees, which is excessively low.

9. Do not think that all russets are the same

There are quite many russets available in the market, so if you are using one, you are advised not to get confused and choose the right one for the dish. Russets are effectively cooked if they belong to and cooked in the same tropical regions.



These are some of the most neglected cooking mistakes when it comes to potatoes. However, we hope that you are now well-accustomed to the norms of cooking and baking potatoes as per the dish you are preparing.