Easter is one of the most popular holidays in the western world and gets celebrated with much pomp and joy worldwide. England’s royal family under Princess Diana was no exception to this trend. Prince Charles’s wife made it a point to make sure the young William and Harry celebrated Easter in a good, fun, and adventurous way. We learn about Easter’s details in the Royal household from Princess Diana’s ex-protection officer, Ken Wharfe.

Much of Princess Diana’s later years leading up to her tragic accident was unhappy and marred with familial problems inside the royal family. Still, despite that, Easter continued to be a fun experience for the Royal family, thanks to Princess Diana. She regularly took the two young princes on ski trips to the Austrian ski slopes. She participated in exciting Easter egg hunts at Thorpe Park. The Easter egg hunt was a significant occasion. Princess Diana took charge of it personally, involving all the staff in hiding the eggs. The experience was equally exciting for the two young boys as well, as they competed against each other to be the first to find all the eggs. They also spend a significant time riding a pony named Smokey that was their prized possession.

The relationship between the staff and the two princes was another example of how Princess Diana was different from the usual Royal household mould. The princes and staff were encouraged to have a friendly relationship. The staff was encouraged to address the princes on their first-name basis, rather than the usual official greeting.

The skiing trips were a special occasion as well, as the Royal family visited Austria to spend a snowy Easter. Both Prince William and Harry picked up skiing very fast. Their skill was second only to their mother, who was highly adept at it. The boys picked up skiing so quickly that they at one point strayed away from behind their skiing instructor, which led to Prince Harry ending up in the mud.

Much of the down-to-earth attitudes of both princes in their adulthood deserve credit to their younger years. Princess Diana always led by example and made sure both William and Harry knew the privilege they had. Both of the young princes were frequently seen at Thorpe park, splashing around the water rides and other children of their age. Their mother always demanded they get treated exactly like the rest of the customers at Thorpe Park. The resentment of official treatment went so far with Princess Diana that she even refused the opportunity to jump queues at various rides.

While fun and adventure were a vital part of the Easter holidays, family time was also crucial during Easter. Princess Diana and both children usually went to visit the Queen at Windsor Castle during the Easter holidays. The Royal family all met up at the Windsor castle. The occasion also involved an exceptional Easter Service at St, George’s Chapel.

Another fun ritual that Princess Diana did with her two children was shopping together, often at supermarkets. The trio got to spend a lot of quality time, and the young boys got their reward in the form of chocolate treats. Prince William has continued his love for chocolate from his younger days, culminating in the Prince having a chocolate biscuit cake for his wedding with Princess Kate.

While the two Princes have drifted apart in recent years, one thing that is sure to bind them together is their childhood and their mother’s special memories.