Meg Ryan’s is one of the most excellent leading 90s and was also the girl next door. Her blond shag haircut made her a style icon of the time. And Meg Ryan’s personality made her a favorite and most popular in Hollywood. Meg Ryan was born in the year 1961, and she rose to fame for her role in the film Rich and Famous in 1981. Ryan’s is popularly known as one of the most in-demand screen sweethearts. Ryan becomes the most undisputed romantic comedy queen. She was quirky and beautiful and beguilingly funny. She has ruled the Hollywood industry for more than ten years from the late eights till the beginning of two thousand.

About Meg Ryan career:

Meg Ryan played the romantic lead role in a slew of successful pictures. This picture includes Sleepless in Seattle, City of Angels, You’ve Got Mail, and When Harry Met Sally. Her girl-next-door image becomes completely sullies when a rumor emerged about an affair with Proof of Life co-star Russell Crowe. Meg Ryan had a clean shot due to her role as the leading lady in many rom coms like When Harry met Sally and sleepless in Seattle. But when the rumor was spreading that she was cheating on her husband Dennis Quaid with Russell Crowe, her reputation got a huge hit.

All about Meg Ryan and Dennis

Meg Ryan and Dennis married in the year 1991, and they also had a son called jack in their marriage. Jack is now turning twenty-right year, and it was looking like that Meg Ryan and Dennis are in a perfect marriage. But after a certain time, everything changed when Ryan met Russell on the set of two thousand thrilled Proof of life. And the pair were showing instant chemistry. Due to which the rumor starts spreading that Meg was extremely infatuating with Russell. By the same time, she and Dennis announced their official separation. It was the most dramatic divorces in history as her marriage to Dennis came to an end while going in the opposite direction.

Both Meg and Dennis were unable to fix things, and by the turn of the century, they were sure that their relationship was over. And they disclosed their intention to divorce. Meg had already enjoyed a romance with another man, which finalized everything. Before anyone provided information, there was a rumor everywhere that Ryan and Russell Crowe were in a relationship. A rumor was spreading that Meg started dating another man before their separation, and she was in an affair. And this news made things more terrible than she imagined.

An affair that ruined her career

The rumor of Meg Ryan’s affair behind his husband back changed everything. And the actress was afraid to face the press and their questions. She was not at all interested in talking about this rumor with the press. To date, it is not clear whether these two relationships overlapped or not.

Due to the affair, Ryan’s reputation was spoiling, and a different picture of Ryan came up, which her fans did not like. This issue led to a reduction in the fan following of Meg Ryan and made a significant impact on her career. And all this change the situation, and Meg might have seemed like a public enemy. Meg Ryan’s husband Dennis was also not considered entirely innocent as he had also been unfaithful during their marriage, which made a more significant issue.

All about Meg Ryan interview:

In an interview, Meg Ryan revealed that her husband saw people behind her back for a longer time. But she did not know about it until after her divorce. It also shows that their marriage was on lies, due to which it was not working. Ryan once admitted that her marriage ended because it was not working. Also, she could not handle being unhappy in their relationship any longer.

It was sure that the actress was getting infatuating with her former co-star Russell. As she only announces her separation from her husband during this time. It also shows that Ryan was unwilling to start a new life and wanted someone to help her forget the pain of her divorce. Ryan, this impression had ruined her career to a great extent.