Summer is here, and keeping up with long hair is again a matter of trouble. Everyone out there seems to get those flocks done according to the sun. Bob cut is back in the market, but this time, there is a little twist one can notice in the trends. It is not the regular bob cut that makes your hair look very small, but the new collarbone bob cut can be among the best versions regarding small hairs. The new-look is everywhere, and as usual, you can never see Hollywood backing off from the latest fashion trends. Brie Larson, Julia Roberts, and many big Hollywood hotties were seen with shiny clavicles and smooth collarbone bob cuts. 

Why is it better than usual?

Obviously, there needs to be a plus point to change things from usual to something special. Standard bob cuts will land your hair above the shoulders, but this one has a special touch to provide. The collarbone bob cut makes your hair land on your shoulders, so it is not as short as one expects with a bob cut. The length provides an option to create a pony. It will be a small pony, but a pony is never a bad option when you need to add a little twist to your looks. Moreover, it provides versatility to your looks and also to your hair. You get a longer length with a bold look. 



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Is the hairstyle a more modern one?

Definitely Yes, this hairstyle is a lot more modern and appealing than others, especially if we compare it with the regular bob cut. There are several reasons for this, as this hairstyle offers longer hair with more layers. Also, you get a very smooth well-textured finish making the hair softer.

Is it the summers or anything else that’s making it a trend?

To be frank, summers are just a side reason for opting for this haircut. It is very strange to see a girl who took so much pain to grow her hair long, went through the struggle and is suddenly ready to get rid of the long hairs just because of summer. Well, it is strange and impractical at the same time. Growing long hair takes dedication and hard work. It can take more than three years for a girl to grow her hair back to the normal long-styled one. It is basically the trend and urges to keep up with the fashion that is leading to this change. Humans can never be satisfied with particular stuff, and they keep on flipping their minds to keep on changing. It is just a matter of time when this collarbone bob cut will be out of fashion, and girls will again try to get it long. 


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Should you be aware of something before going for the cut?

You should be aware that making your hair small is not going to make things easy for you in an instant. If you have had long hair for the past few years, adjusting the routine according to your new hairstyle can be difficult. Also, you might question your decision in the beginning, but sticking confidently to your action is the key. The cut not only involves making the hair short, but it also has a lot to do about styling and making them smooth for the pattern to look pretty.

Are there specific products needed?

There are styling products needed, but the main factor which will decide the products required will be your hair. It depends if you have thick or thin hair. Also, you don’t want to play up with curls, so using anti-frizzes and creams can be an option, but it’s better to leave this section to the professionals.