Are you a fan of Game of Thrones? Then you must recognize actress Emilia Clarke who had to suffer from many difficulties in her real life. In a New Yorker article, the actress openly spoke about the suffering of two brain aneurysms for the first time. The actress had suffered from severe brain injuries. That she got just after she finished filming her Game of Thornes’s scenes as Daenerys Targaryen for season 1. She revealed another truth that she experienced her first aneurysm at the age of 24. At that time, she was working out with her trainer.

The struggling story of actress Emilia Clarke

Also, Emilia Clarke explained her painful story that she immediately felt like an elastic band was squeezing her brain. But still, she tried to ignore that pain and push through it, but the pain was unbearable. During that time, she also wanted to take a break from her training.
Somehow, she managed to move to the locker room while she was almost crawling. Then she reached a toilet, sank her knees, and the pain was getting extremely, voluminously ill. She also explained that, meanwhile, the pain-stabbing, shooting, constricting pain was getting more inferior. At this time, she felt like her brain is getting damage entirely.

Another heartbreaking truth of her life

Emilia Clarke was rushed to the hospital, and during that time, she got bleeding in her brain. Then she has undergone surgery. After some days of surgery or hardly after two weeks, the actress discovered she could not remember her name. She was suffering from aphasia, a severe condition where a person lost the ability to process language. In the case of Emile Clarke, she couldn’t even remember her name.

How actress Emilie Clarke fought these challenges even when she couldn’t recall her name?
This was a life-threatening stroke for Actress Emilie Clarke. She was not able to get out of that trauma. So she was felt depressed and frightened in Game of Thrones freshman season about her ability to start doing work. Also, she felt nervous about remembering her lines when she could not even recall her name.

Tough times that she faced with courage

She was gone through depression because she had never experienced fear like this, which she said in that period. The entire situation made her felt like this life was not worth living. She was frightened to see her life ahead, which was the worst moment for her. Many times, she asked the medical staff to let her die. It was because she did not want to survive her life without communication, language, etc.

Two years after finishing season 3 of Game of Thrones, she went to the hospital for a brain scan. During that period, doctors told her that the aneurysm which she had, got doubled in size. Doctors recommend she to take care of it. Although Emilia Clarke went through an operation, that procedure failed, and Emilia Clarke left with severe brain bleeding. That condition required quick and invasive treatment or surgery. But even after facing all the consequences and complications, she never gives up. The actress said that she has entirely recovered after suffering two brain injuries in 2011 and 2013.

Emilia Clarke opened a charity to help people with brain injury and mental trauma.

Emilia Clarke wrote in New Yorker in 2019 that she started a charity. That charity aims to provide treatment facilities to patients who are suffering from any brain strokes or injuries. Also, it helps people to face their next life after getting any trauma. The staff provides more care and attention to patients to deal with these adverse situations. More people want to recover from brain injuries with the help of complete care and support. Also, Emilia Clarke announced her struggle and felt overwhelmed due to her fans, co-stars, and friends’ support and love.

She is quite brave in real life. Also, she proved her leadership with the help of her brilliant acting. Along with that, she also tackles Los Angeles’s real estate market. Moreover, she had established herself brave when she came out stronger from such a furious brain injury. She is like an inspiration for her fans and friends.