There is nothing complicated about running; it can be as simple as walking but much more rewarding. Running is no rocket science; it is meant to be enjoyed and not turned into a physical chore. While running, one must only remember the basics and do that right because that is all needed. Sure, runners do many advanced techniques to improve their performance, but just the basics will do for an ordinary person who only has their fitness in mind. The important thing to remember about running is that you are not doing it right if you do not enjoy it. So in case you are wondering, how exactly can you enjoy running and at the same time reach your fitness targets? Well, keep reading!

Tips and tricks for beginners

While writing the article, we tried to help both amateurs and runners with a bit of experience. So before onto the experienced section, let us look at a few tips which people are running for the first time must keep in mind:

Getting started!

For a beginner who just started running or thinking about starting, nothing else matters besides just going out there and running. You can spend hours and hours on different websites trying to figure out the best ways to run or other techniques, but nothing will matter until you start running. All you have to do is to create a schedule and follow that diligently. If you are planning to go for a run every day, do not take breaks. If you feel like 3-4 days a week is more practically possible for you than every day, do that. It also does not matter how long you run for, as long as you stick to your schedule and go for the run.

You do not need to run all the time!

When you have just started running, it is quite obvious that you do not have a lot of stamina. Hence, it is evident that you cannot run all the time you are out for a run, and that is absolutely fine. Run when you can, and when you feel tired, just stop running and start walking. Once you have gained enough stamina to run again, go for it! The most important thing to remember is that you should not stop. Even when you cannot run, do not stop; just keep walking.

Slow and steady wins the race!

You don’t need to have to run for hours. Since you are just starting, you will find it challenging to run for prolonged periods. In the first week, try to run for 10-15 mins and gradually increase when you feel you can. There is no hard and fast rule that you must give your 110% from day 1. As mentioned before, you need to fall in love with running and not think about it as another physical chore.

Warming Up!

Since you are a beginner and your body is not used to the physical strain running might bring, you must always warm-up before your run. Just do a few stretches, which will hardly take a few minutes but will save you from any injuries to your muscle. Once you are warmed up, you can start the run. By warming up, you are just preparing your body for any physical strain the workout might bring.


Last but not least, keep hydrating yourself. For any form of physical workout, always remember water is your best friend.

Tips and tricks for professionals

If you are a professional runner and are looking for some tips to improve your game, even more, look no further! Professional runners who run or have run before are that they know how to run and take care of their bodies while running. Even their body is accustomed to it. For them, the issue comes with motivation, nutrition, and aspects separate from their body. So let us take a quick look at some tips for these people:

Finding a Goal!

Once you have run for a long time, you slowly lose the motivation that inspired you first. Maybe you started running to lose weight, and you have achieved the target, but then what to do next? This is very important because no human in this world can be driven to do something without motivation. You need to think about a long term goal and stick to it. This goal will motivate you to run.

Warming up and cooling down!

Since you are a professional runner, you will be targeting to run huge distances or run for a more extended period of time. Your body must be physically capable of taking the toll; hence it is very important that you warm-up for quite sometime before you start running. Also, after running, you must give your body some time to cool down. To do that, just walk for some time so that your heart rate can calm a little and your body can know that you are going to stop soon.


This is very important because while you are doing any form of physical activity, your muscles need oxygen. To give your muscles a steady supply of oxygen, you must have very steady breathing. While you are running, try to breathe deeper and always breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth. This will help you to get the best out of your physical activity.


Hence as you can see, running is nothing to be afraid of. It can be as simple as walking only if you do the basics right and keep going at it. The worst thing you can do while starting to run is to quit midway. It will seem difficult at first, but all you need to do is keep your head down and keep working hard!