A sudden loss of weight is not worthwhile if you want to stay in a fit and healthy shape. Although many people think losing more weight can make us healthier, there are still different features that we need to consider as we start doing so. In fact, researches have shown that being healthy does not necessarily mean having less fat, but it is, however, knowing more about the diet balance and eating system.

First, losing weight requires a period of time. The process needs to be in the right place. According to the studies by the USA’s National Institutes of Health, impulsive weight loss can permanently affect metabolisms. Therefore, it is recommended that those who want to lose weight must do it slowly.

Second, covered with brown fat helps to gain healthy weight. Having outside activities, under the sunray, brings more brown fats and kills white fat cells. Fat cells, however, do not maintain a healthy weight. Clearly, growing more brown fats gives us more benefits in order to have a healthy weight.

Third, eating healthily requires a good balance of nutrients. Counting calories in a diet do not work to keep a healthy weight. Knowing more about the nutrients can lead us to know what to eat and what to eat not. When regarding the calories, there are different diets that can provide the needed calories – these are not basically the same as having the nutrients that are essential to be healthy. In other words, to eat healthily is to eat a diet with balanced and healthy nutrients.

Fourth, sleep really affects our physical and mental state of health. The Lack of sleep can affect mood, concentration, memory, and the process of thinking. According to the researchers at Uppsala University, Sweden, we can feel drained when we lack of sleep. As a matter of fact, there is a temporary dysfunction of the brain until we can regain the normal sleeping time – seven to nine hours is the perfect sleeping amount. Going beyond or below that time risks in gaining weight. Having a good sleep helps us to be active and it allows the body to refresh itself.

Fifth, opting for convenient goals, to lose weight in a normal way, is truly more advantageous. As many people are impatient in losing weight, you may end up giving up when you do not see any changes in a short time period. Whereas, a natural loss of weight, which is very healthy, involves ways to follow such as eating fresh food, reducing alcoholic drinks and sweet snacks, and doing some physical exercises. Thus, patience in eating healthy food and exercises is important to lose weight in the way it should logically be.

Sixth, if you are carrying weight on your hips, you are still in a difficult health situation. Although fat in the stomach can increase the risk of heart diseases and diabetes, fat on your hips and thighs are also a threat that can really affect your health. It can cause the risk of several cancers.

Seventh, the study in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that low-fat, low-carb, high-fat, and high-protein diets can reach weight loss, but in the end, only the choice of the diet is the real matter. To eat is no such problem as long as you eat the diet that helps you stay healthy.

Eighth, practicing scales is confusing because you may increase your weight by doing them. Strength training makes it possible to gain weight as your muscles will grow bigger in shape. If the loss of weight is being targeted, scales are not to be the right option.

Ninth, there is evidence that losing five percent of the bodyweight considerably helps to reduce the risk of getting diabetes and cancer. It also lessens the levels of cholesterol.

Tenth, changing our mentality from bad eating habits to healthy eating habits can improve our body shape. It is obviously clear that many of us still have bad eating habits such as eating junk food instead of salad and vegetables. A study made in Harvard shows that some people who were taught healthy eating habits for six months had their brains’ reward centers scanned after.

To end, to be in a good shape requires various aspects that reflect on being healthy.