The present situation made people master many new things. Most of you will be missing your favourite drinks and those fabulous day-outs with friends. Well, considering drinks, one of the most loved categories for many will be cocktails. Some of you would have already tried few classic cocktails by this time. But still, there are quite several different cocktails that you may have missed out. Well, if you are trying to repertoire, you should try something different this time. Getting some tips and tricks from the professionals will be a great idea to amaze your friends on a party night or your family on a special weekend dinner.

We have collected information from chefs, bar managers, and bartenders who know everything about making a perfect cocktail. Check out the list they have suggested that everyone should, and a must-have in the repertoire. Let’s get started:


This fantastic cocktail comes with innumerable variations. But making it perfect is about the perfect balancing of the sweetness and sourness with alcohol. This famous cocktail consists of orange liqueur, tequila, and lime juice. Margarita is often served in a glass with salt on the rim.


Be it summers or winters, Negroni is the best. Personally, this cocktail falls under the most favourite list of many. The right combination of gin and sweet vermouth with Campari makes it a fantastic cocktail. Well, the taste may vary depending upon the gin you use. If you are using Plymouth, use a little more to add in more flavours to the drink.


To make the right Martini, you just need to know the mixing of just four ingredients. For making a perfect Martini, all you need is 65mL gin, some drops of orange bitters, water, and yes 25 mL French dry vermouth. If diluted well, you will make a Martini like a pro.


Daisy is one of the most favourite ones among cocktail lovers. If you are somebody who loves that sourness in cocktails, then this is a must-try. This drink uses a herbal liqueur or a fruit liqueur. It can’t be called a single drink, instead known as a family of drinks. 


Do you want to learn the tricks of making the classic Daiquiri? 

Experts suggest making it with Jamaican rum to make it perfect. This cocktail is so delicious yet refreshing. When we think of Daiquiri, the first thing that pops up is its strawberry flavour. The rum mixed with the goodness of berries and tart lime makes it flavorful.


This is one of the most classic drinks, which you can easily make with just three ingredients. Though it’s easy, sometimes making it can be challenging. Perfect measurement with the right shake and stirring makes it ‘Manhattan.’ 


Want to try a perfect cocktail like a pro? Then you need to try Old Fashioned. It isn’t that difficult. The ingredients required are bourbon, angostura bitters, orange twist, rich simple syrup, and some brandied cherry. Once the mixing part is done, you can try garnishing, which is quite interesting; top it with some skewered cherries and orange halves.

Cuba Libre

If you are a cola lover, then for sure, Cuba Libre will be one of your favourites. Mixing the rum with coke and with a dash of lime and some ice is what makes it the perfect cocktail “Cuba Libre.” The flavour of lime lightens the sweetness of the cola in the cocktail. Look for fresh lime than the store-bought bottled one for that authentic flavour and taste.