The strange cord knot hairstyle can be very frequently seen these days all over the internet. It seems very attractive, but there’s a question among many people: it is hard to get the cord knot. To answer you straightforwardly, it is easy and simple to get the hairstyle. It might look effortless, but actually, it might require a unique way of folding that makes it look so beautiful. The cord knot is a game-changer, and it presents us with a relaxed vibe with a really sexy fold. 

How exactly to proceed with the knot?

The cord knot hairstyle involves a small pony at the end of the knot. You need to have a certain length of hair before you try the hairstyle. It is basically folding up the low ponytail around the hair bun to create a beautiful knot. The other half, which is not disturbed, is further used with hair bands and pins to complete the knot finally. The hairstyle is very much a thing of patience, but it is not very hard to tie the knot. 

According to most hairstylists, the particular knot style is among the best 2 minutes instant hairstyle. Instagram is full of different variations of the special cord knot hairstyle. Many people were seen tying up the knot with a special puff.



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The key for making a perfect cord knot.

The primary key to make a perfect knot will be preparing your hair. Remember that tying a knot with hairs can cost you and your hair. It is a technique in which you will be pulling your hair, so beware of the fact. If you are not good at doing it the perfect way, there can be considerable hair damage.

Try moistening your hair and get the texture of strands according to the knot. Once your hair gets the texture, it is like slipping up hairs in a hairband. Stylists recommend using shampoos and conditioners to obtain the best possible texture for the cord knot hairstyle.

Is it something out of the box?

Frankly, it’s not. It looks very new, and people are just crazy that tying a knot and creating a bun with hairs can add up to the beauty and make it look so sexy and attractive. But this is not something out of the box. Maybe we are so busy trying complicated things to establish a fashion statement that the beauty of simplicity was forgotten.

The cord knot is effortless, but it’s all about the effortless look it provides. If you want to try the knot, you need to return to the basics. Forget those complicated procedures, folds and curls and go with what you have naturally. The basic that tells us those beautiful hairs were always one of the beautiful parts of a woman’s body that men got attracted to. 


Why try something this clumsy?

Clumsy might not be the best word to define hairstyle. The beauty of the hairstyle is all about the disorganized presentation one sees. Many benefits come along with clumsiness. It is a quick way to get an attractive hairstyle. All you need is to organize and tie a knot with your hairs. It will not take even 2 minutes to get it done. Isn’t that amazing? On the other hand, the hairstyle is in the trend for a reason. So if you want to catch up with the latest fashion statement regarding hairs, then clumsy is worth going for.