When you want to run or have been running for some time, it is very easy to lose motivation. If it is a cold January morning, why would you go out of your cosy warm bed to go for a run? Sounds crazy, right? Except it’s not. Understandably, it is difficult to motivate yourself in harsh weather conditions, except running is no rocket science and to be able to run well is not a challenging factor. If you really like doing something, you would do it irrespective of external factors. The fact that you are reconsidering your decision to run because of supposed weather means you do not like to run in the first place. This can be a permanent thing or something that has happened due to a lack of motivation.

A few tips for running better and for working on the physical problems

Now, even if you have the motivation, but physically, you can’t cope with the stress of going for a run every day, you have nothing to worry about. When it comes to a mental blockage, it’s challenging to remove that, but if it’s a physical blockage, there are many ways by which running can be made more efficient and better for you.

Running the more efficient way, by conserving stamina.

Just because you are going for a run does not mean that you will have to run all the time. If you are having physical issues like low stamina and feeling tired very fast, and you feel like giving up, you must run in such a way that you can conserve energy. Start by walking, walk for some time so that your body gets warmed up a bit, then start running. In this way, you can run for longer because your body will be prepared for the stress. Then when you are tired of running, slow down and start walking. The aim is, however long you have decided to work out by walking or running, you won’t stop. You won’t stop to take a break. The only break which you are allowed is walking instead of running. In this way, your stamina will build up to make your running process easier.

Warming up

Sometimes people are afraid to run because of the injuries it might bring, like a muscle pull. Injuries happen to our body only when you do something weird with your body or if you push it beyond its limits. One of the best ways to prevent injuries is to warm up before you start working out. It warms up your body and prepares for any form of stress.

Don’t be a hero

We have all watched many movies where a loser trains hard and becomes a master of something in mere days or weeks. But that is the thing, it is a movie, and movies are unrealistic. You cannot expect to be the best in a matter of days, so do not try to be that. If you cannot run for more than an hour, do not force yourself because eventually, you’ll start resenting running. Run for how long you can but slowly, with every passing day, increase the threshold. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will you be. Take your time, push a bit farther every day, and you will emerge victoriously.

How can you remove your mental blockage?

Till now, we talked about how physical restrictions can cause problems for you. Let us now understand what to do about the mental blockage. But what exactly is the mental blockage? Well, mental blockage is nothing but a lack of motivation. Physical restrictions maybe not a problem for you, but you lack motivation. What to do then? Well, there are a few things you can try:

Having an aim

It is paramount that you need a goal or an aim that will motivate you to run more. If you do not have a purpose, create them. Plans can be anything, from losing a certain amount of weight on certain days to run a certain number of kilometres every day. If goals cannot motivate you, keep a running partner and compete with each other. You just always need to keep a goal in mind, which will help you wake up on a cold January morning. It is that simple!


Priorities are something which in your head will be a perfect excuse not to go for a run. For example, “I have this work today; if I go for a run, I’ll be late for that work.” “I have to go to a friend’s place, so today, if I don’t run, its fine.” These are nothing but excuses your brain comes up with to not go for a run. You have to decide which priority is more important to you. If you have something vital to do, obviously go for it. But if you know you can easily go for a run, but you are not because of some random excuse, you need to think hard about what you want. You need to tell yourself if running is essential or not, and if it is, you cannot hide behind an excuse because you are feeling lazy or because you want to do something else. Life requires sacrifices, and sometimes you need to make them.


It would be best if you regularly hydrated yourself while you are running. Running is stressful for your body and giving it water from time to time helps your muscles relax. Water has minerals that prevent your muscles from getting cramped. It also allows you to rejuvenate somewhat of your stamina.


As we can see, running is not difficult; there can be some difficulties for you to kickstart the process, yes, but all of them can be easily removed. If you have a mental blockage or physical, it shouldn’t be a cause for concern if you want to run. Your desire and hard work can trump anything.