If you also feel that you don’t have enough confidence to stand by yourself mentally and physically, Martial arts can be your rescue. Bullying has become a widespread thing these days. There are children, teenagers, adults who get bullied every day but can never fight back for themselves. Martial arts is one of the most effective ways for them to turn the tables.

Martial art is not about being healthy physically only, but it helps a person grow in various aspects. It makes you mentally strong, confident and teaches you many things that can make your life smoother and better than before. Karate is any day a right and essential choice as an extracurricular activity and self-defence. However, it has more to provide.

If you have thought of joining Martial arts running inside your head, but you don’t understand the benefits of joining, then it is the article you must go through. Here are the crucial benefits of doing Martial arts.

Body flexibility

Do you ever wonder how some people are so flexible? Seeing them is like witnessing a rubber band that does not have any bones inside their body. Isn’t it? For example, the famous Jean-Claude Van Damme and his splits. Oh my God! Even the word flexible becomes short for expressing his flexibility.

But he didn’t get that flexibility effortlessly. Yes. Not only him, can no one get flexible without moving their body! It takes hard work for days, months, and years with a lot of patience to get in that state where he can control his bones and bend them without breaking. The hack of higher kicking is more stretching.

Martial art involves way too stretching as one of the workouts to practice. Jean Claude Van Damme is a kickboxer. Stretching as much as possible, makes your body more flexible, which helps in kicking higher. Moreover, the more you get flexibility in your body, the more you reduce the possibility of injury.

Your flexibility will protect you from a lot of injuries and let you lead a smooth life. The statement for being flexible is something we need to apply in our lives. It will be helpful if we can put it in an example. Oaktree and palm tree, if we put these two against each other, who do you think will win the war? The Oaktree. Isn’t it? Of course, because it is bigger and stronger than the palm tree, there is no chance for the palm tree to win.

Well. It is true that oak tree seems to be healthier but did you ever notice what happens to these trees when a strong storm hits them, and the oak tree is the one that gets uprooted. Whereas the palm tree stays in its place, it is because of the flexibility. It teaches us that no matter what life throws at us, if we are flexible enough, then nothing can move us from our place.

Helps with healing mental health

Life may not be the same all time. A challenging phase of life pushes people towards anxiety, depression, and stress. Mental health issues make people confused about everything. Joining Martial art helps to improve the Concentration power in a person. Martial art training is hard, and the teachers strictly watch you while you train.

They make sure you don’t escape the hard work. If you try to escape, it might lead you to more trouble as your trainer will punish you with a few more non-stop push-ups. It helps you concentrate on one thing. You become focused on your Current action, which eventually helps you live in the present instead of overthinking.

Self-defence mechanism

Well. The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind when someone talks about Martial arts is self-defence. However, the word self-defence does not only mean beating the shit of someone who tries to violate the environment around you. Here the self-defence includes defending yourself, your emotions, words, everything.

It is not a rare case where our emotions take over our brains, and we lose control of what we say or what we do. If something goes out of your hand, you need to stable enough to handle the situation on your own. Martial arts help you get the confidence and mindset to defend every inch of yourself. Knowing how to control you, in any case, is the biggest blessing one can get.

Deep knowledge about the cultures and the strong history

Martial art holds a lot of culture in it. Several forms of it come from various regions. For example, kung-fu comes from China, whereas Muay Thai comes from Thailand, Karate, Judo, etc.

When you learn a particular form, you learn a lot about the culture, history, and glory behind that specific form of Martial arts. Some people went to a country to understand their state of Martial arts and never came back. The more they get to know about that culture, the more they fell in love with it. It has inspired them to the extent where they wanted to be a part of it throughout the rest of their lives. Hence, they decided to live there with that culture.

Getting confidence and Working Hard

Several things make you work hard. For example, if you hit the gym or join dance classes or some sport, you will have to work hard. Perhaps Martial arts is something that makes you work the most challenging way possible. You may work hard, but you will never know what real hard work means unless you see Martial art training.

The sensei or the trainer will always be there to push you to do more. It might not seem to be that much of exhaustion, but the very day you try a jiu-jitsu class, you won’t be able to move. It can be said that hard work is the other name of Martial arts, no matter which forms. It also boosts your confidence level as you begin to feel more robust than ever.


The benefits of Martial arts are much more than explaining. The best way to learn the benefits is to experience them.