In the original series of Netflix, the Crown has already a hit show! It depicts the inside look of the palace and the British royal family‘s life, starring Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. The Crown has brought out so beautifully the last decade of the 20th century’s life through the longest-ruling monarch’s eyes. The final season of Peter Morgan’s created “Crown” is set to hit the screen in 2022.

It’ll be tragic for many fans of the web series “Crown” when it ends. Earlier, it was announced to come to an end with the fifth season. But, in the last months, the showrunner changed his mind and confirmed that there would be many new season 6 of the royal drama to do justice to the story’s intensity. In every two seasons, the cast is freshened up. So, there will be no exception with the final season. And we are eagerly waiting for the new series! It’s heard that there is a fair chance that Prince William and Prince Harry will be a part of it. And that’s the most exciting news for all die-hard fans of “Crown.” Interesting gossiping around about their age, this will be shown in the sixth season.

In the last year, Season 4 was released.


The whole season presents the expectations and responsibilities allocated to the newly married Princess Diana and her struggles. The season came to an end before Princess Diana and Prince Charles’s official divorce, leaving a big part of their lives for the coming season.

The heartthrob of millions, i.e., Prince William and Prince Harry, were seen least in the past seasons. Maybe because the story is mainly concentrated on their parents, in the sixth season, the role of the Last years of Lady Diana will be played by Elizabeth Debicki.

Fans became worried when Morgan commented that they’d be one less season of the show. But, later, Peter Morgan changed his decision. Season 6 will not bring a present-day storyline but will simply cover the early 2000s in more detail. If so, the audience can expect to see Prince William and Prince Harry in their early youth, university days, and more. The cast of these two roles is yet to be announced.

Over the last few years, the show has managed to create a vast fan base, as millions of people keep an eye every week to see the real-life story of Queen Elizabeth and her successors’ lives. The speciality of the “Crown” is that it tries to depict as real as possible, especially the period of Princess Diana. Like all other real events, writers may deviate the story from the truth to make it more interesting. It’s all clear from Prince Harry’s words, who confessed that the Crown could give fans a vague idea of what happened in the Royal family.

Here a quick look at the series for those who haven’t watched it yet. We get to know the queen’s reign, her sister, Princess Margaret, and Princess Diana’s lifestyle. It also portrays some of the royal scandals, like Diana’s with Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall’s role. According to the Source, the show also features the adventurous lives of the two most favourite royal family members, Prince William and Harry.

There’s a chance that a real-life drama could lead the royal family shocked or disappointed, but here it wasn’t the case. So, how’s the feedback from the royal family about the show? Town & Country discloses that the Duke of Sussex is all right with it and doesn’t have any hard feelings regarding the portrayed storyline. Harry confronted in an interview that he is ok with it, as the screenwriter doesn’t claim it to be a documentary. According to his statement, it’s not accurate, but it gives a rough idea about the royal lifestyle, the pressure of duty, and service above everything.