There are so many books and videos available on the Internet and libraries that will tell you ten different methods perfect for losing weight. Some will say exercise more, whereas some will focus on the food you eat, but the correct way to lose weight is to follow a regime that combines and balances both diet and exercise. The main thing about any weight loss plan is that the plan’s effect will not be the same for everyone.

This happens in most cases that, since people do not get their desired results, they tend to give up. Now that is the problem you tend to gain a lot of weight very fast once you give up. So what is the solution? Well, to create a weight loss that works for you and to stick to it. To make your life a bit easier, we will discuss some weight loss techniques that you can do to lose those extra pounds very fast!

Natural techniques to lose weight

If you go to a medical shop or a supplement shop, you will find many medicines and supplements which companies claim will help you lose weight. Well, they might work, but they all come with a host of side effects, which create a lot of hormonal problems for your body. If you are someone who does not believe in supplements or a diet to lose weight, we have a few techniques that you can use to lose weight very fast:

Intermittent Fasting (IF)

This is as natural as it gets. This is a technique that the scientific community has named Intermittent fasting, but our predecessors followed this technique for centuries. You will hear many stories about our grandfathers and great grandfathers fasting for a whole day, and they lived a long and healthy life. That is because intermittent fasting has a lot of health benefits, and losing weight is just a minor side effect. Although we are not concerned about the other health benefits, we will be talking about how intermittent fasting works in regards to losing weight. So you can do intermittent fasting in 3 different ways, and the methods differ in how long per day you fast. Let us quickly discuss it:

Alternate days: This is the most prolonged Intermittent fasting method, where you need to fast for one full day. Then on the next day, you can eat whatever; however you like. Then again, on the next day, you fast. This goes on. It is preferred that while you are eating, you eat healthy food!

5:2 fasting: This is another fasting method, where you eat for five days a week but under 600 calories. Then you fast for the next two days. This method is a bit difficult; hence people follow this less.

Hourly fast: In this method, you can either fast for 12, 14, 16, 18, or 20 hours. The rest of the time, you can eat however you like. This method is easy because you will not be going a full day without eating and reaping all the benefits.

Tracing your calories

If you are not taking any form of supplements, you must be aware of what you are eating. Suppose you are consuming 1000 calories; it’s crucial what those 1000 calories consist of. If you eat green leafy vegetables and cover most of the calories with them that will benefit your body more than eating carbs and fat for the same amount of calories. Also, you should focus on reducing or eliminating sugar from your life. One more thing which needs to be kept in control is emotional eating. Just because you are sad or happy or angry, you decide to let go of your diet and start pouring down junk food. This is not allowed.


Something which should be kept in mind is that you can only lose weight by burning calories, which you can only do by working out. Hence you must give at least an hour a day towards any form of physical exercise. If you do not want to work out then at least walk for an hour a day.

No junk food

If you do all forms of exercise and fast but have junk food daily, you cannot ever lose weight. Understandably, it is difficult to follow a diet for an extended period of time, and for that, you can have junk food two to three times a month. More than that will just hamper your journey towards fitness!


As much as working out is essential, rest is equally important. It is known for a fact that your body burns fat the most when you are sleeping. So you must sleep for seven to eight hours a day. Too much sleeping is also not good, so do not do that.

Being active during an inactive period

The meaning of this is that the option of working out or being active when you are not supposed to—like, for example, taking the stairs instead of an elevator—walking somewhere instead of taking your car or bike and so on.

Cheat days

Cheat days are also essential. That is because when you follow a diet and workout, your body gets used to it. Sometimes, you need to provide your body with carb and fat in excess to get confused and feel it is a new normal. Then from the next day, you start working out again and fool your body. Also, cheat day is important from a mental point of view too. It can be challenging to follow a diet if you are not getting a reward for it. However, a cheat day should not be more than 2-3 times a month.


As we can see, losing weight can be extremely simple if the proper methods are followed. Instead of procrastinating, make a schedule, create a diet chart and stick to it until you reach your weight goals!