Burning your belly fat is not easy. In fact, with age, it becomes even more challenging to get rid of belly fat. Accumulation of fat in the body has an evolutionary basis: it helped people supply food during prolonged starvation periods. However, in the typical day and age, we have hardly gone through starvation. Hence the function of belly fat has been lost in today’s world. Losing your belly fat has many advantages. Not only does it help you to be more energetic, but it also reduces risks for cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes. With decreased blood pressure, a flat belly helps you remain fatter and increases your life quality

Risks Related to Fat Belly

Having a fat belly has a number of health risks. The following are a few of them:  

Insulin Resistance: The body produces more insulin than required in case of insulin resistance. An increase in belly fat indicates a risk of resistance to insulin, which may lead to diabetes. 

Osteoporosis: Osteoporosis’s main character is low bone density when the bone becomes brittle and weak. Belly fat often leads to decreased growth hormone production, which is of great importance to bone health

Heart Diseases: Various studies have indicated that heart diseases are more likely to occur in the presence of belly fat. 

Respiratory Diseases: This refers to difficulty breathing correctly, which can be caused by excess belly fat. 

How To Lose Belly Fat

While it is not a comfortable journey to lose belly fat, here are some ways tips that make it easier:

Exercise Regularly

One of the best exercises to stick to when you want to lose belly fat is cardio. In cardio exercises, the heart rate increases for a long time so that you breathe faster, getting your body to inhale more oxygen. This is also referred to as high-intensity interval training and has been proven to have outstanding effects in burning belly fat. Cardio exercises help in burning calories, which leads to a calorie deficit. Calorie deficit intern helps you to lose fat.

For this reason, cardio is a great exercise that is to be done regularly. However, you must keep in mind that cardio also burns muscle tissues, which leads to the risk of slowing your metabolism, which makes it difficult to burn fat. Hence it would help if you got a protein-rich diet

Eat Protein Rich Food

Protein is helpful because it helps in losing muscles, which are basically the vehicles required for burning fat and calories. It is essential to understand that losing fat is not possible without burning some muscles. Hence, you must have good muscular health, which will help keep your rate of metabolism high. You must be wondering what metabolism is. Metabolism is basically to process by which calories are converted into energy in your body. If you want to prevent losing muscles, you can try weight exercises half the days a week. It would help if you adopted a healthy lifestyle with regular activities and a healthy protein-rich diet.

Suppress Hunger Hormones

Many people try to make up for the calorie loss during their workout by eating calorie-rich food. This is a natural process because regular exercises release a hormone known as ghrelin. This is a hormone that stimulates the appetite so that the body does not lose weight as quickly. However, to suppress this hormone, here are a few things you can try:

Eat regular meals: You must eat several meals rather than having one heavy meal. Having several meals helps improve your insulin sensitivity and lowers the production of cholesterol in your body. You must eat Less just after your workout and weight to eat more after a few hours. 

Eat before you exercise: When you do not eat before exercising, it reduces your blood sugar levels. This, in turn, increases your appetite after working out, which may lead to overeating. Always consume something 30 minutes before starting your workout. It is suggested that you eat something light just before starting your exercise rather than working out on an empty stomach. 

Drink water regularly: It has been proven that frequent water drinkers consume around 200 calories less than those who do not. Drinking cold water periodically increases your metabolism. This happens because the cold water essentially brings down the temperature of fluids in your body, so the body has to work more in order to keep your fluids warm. 

Don’t skip meals: Skipping meals essentially means that you are increasing your body’s response to starvation. This means that your body prepares for starvation in the future, which leads to storing more fat in the belly. When your body prepares for starvation, it essentially keeps more fat from your meals to make up for it. 

Get the Required Hours of Sleep 

When you sleep less, the rate of metabolism in your body declines steadily; this makes it store more fat and makes the fat burning process more difficult. Research has indicated that if you sleep less than 6 hours per day, it triggers certain areas of your brain that increase your appetite and general hunger. It also affects decreasing the secretion of a hormone called leptin, which essentially makes you feel like your stomach is empty. This, in turn, increases the production of ghrelin. On the other hand, your body’s cortisol level also increases when you do not sleep enough. Cortisol is a stress hormone that is usually tied to an increase in weight. Sleeping regularly and sleeping the recommended hours is essential for keeping your body come and reducing stress from your body. 

Hence, it is noticed that a healthy lifestyle with a good diet and a proper amount of sleep is very important to help you and your fat-burning process. You must remember that it is also vital that you keep your body as stress-free as possible because the rise of stress hormone in your body can negatively impact you even if you work out and follow a proper diet.